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More than 43% of Australian employers cannot find the skills they need on the marketplace

Why Zero-Fee Recruitment program?

In a crowded job market filled with inexperienced candidates, brainstackHub gives you the advantage by providing you with resources trained to meet your specific needs.

At brainstackHub, we work with you to clearly define your company’s new hire requirements for today, and what they will be in the near future. We identifying the best of our candidates for personal interviews with you and then if needed train your selected candidates with any specific skills required for your organisation, before delivering them to your workplace. Hence, we save you time, money, and resources so you can focus on your business growth.

You will meet professional candidates who have been screened and verified and trained further, to ensure the right skills and experience for your project or position.


Who’s behind the program

A team of leading start-up founders, university professors, and respected industry professionals, published in a range of IT publications.

brainstackHub candidates have completed job-ready programs to make them just that – JOB READY. They have invested in our programs and employment hub so that employers don’t have to – a bonus in the uncertain job market of today. Once a candidate is selected for employment, we guarantee to upskill them further if necessary, to suit every need of your organisation.

We provide industry-based on-the-job training to equip candidates with technical skills and commercial experience, transitioning them into professionals.

What’s brainstackHUB Recruitment Offers You?

Asset 2

No recruitment fee

Our business model allows us to pass savings on to you

Asset 1

Large pool of qualified candidates

More than 8k+ candidates available

Asset 4

Candidate screening

We thoroughly vet all candidates to ensure you're presented with quality interviewees

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We train for your specific requirements

All candidates are trained through our tailored Job-Ready Program

Asset 6

Candidates for all salary budgets

We find candidates that match your salary budget

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Full Australian working rights

All candidates are eligible for full-time work in Australia

What’s brainstackHUB Recruitment Offers You?

Full-Stack Software Developer Specialist Pathway

Our Full-Stack Software Developer Pathway gives candidates the knowledge and experience they need to deliver application solutions to meet real-world requirements.

Computer Network & Security Specialist Pathway

Our Computer Network Specialist Pathway is designed to give candidates skills they need to work confidently across a broad range of network architectures.

Business Analysis & Process Management Pathway

Our Business Analysis and Process Management Pathway trains candidates in the foundational skills they need to succeed as Business Analysts and BPM specialists.

Accountant Pathway

Our Accountant Pathway gives candidates the knowledge and experience they need to manage financial accounts from corporate to individuals.

Let’s work together to overcome what is a major obstacle to hire, The right professional!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Zero-Fee Recruitment FAQs

    We are here to clarify any concerns you have. Here are some of the FAQs we thought you might want to know:

    • Zero-Fee Recruitment: Our service is FREE for all employers.

    Hiring Best of the Best: We use 5-Point check system, where each candidate need to pass all 5 criteria, Technical Skills, Technological Skills, Due Diligence Checks, Test and Interview.

    Absolutely YES: We train all the candidates as per your business needs, before they can join your team.

    Instant – If you don’t have any special training requirement, then it will be very simple – Contact Us – Discuss – Get Resume to Review – Interview and Hire.


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